Electric car revolution racing forward

On March 31, Tesla will unveil the Model 3, the most affordable electric vehicle yet. Tom Randall takes us through what we know so far. Here is a direct video link.

Also see India is aiming for all cars to be electric by 2030 for a smart financing approach that has buyers paying monthly with the cash flow they are saving in not buying gas (not to mention the repair and maintenance savings which are huge compared with ICE vehicles):

The program would let people buy electric vehicles with zero down payment financed by the state and drivers can then pay for the vehicle at the rate they are saving on gas.
Piyush Goyal recently said at an event via India Times:

“India can become the first country of its size which will run 100 per cent of electric vehicles. We are trying to make this programme self financing. We don’t need one rupee support from the government. We don’t need one rupee investment from the people of India.”

The minister added:  “We are working (on the scheme). Can we actually give electric car for free (zero down payment) and people can pay for that out of the savings on the petroleum products. Innovation is possible, it just needs an open mind. You need to think of scale and be honest.

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