Pitchforks coming for tax evaders worldwide

They can run but it’s getting harder to hide.  With capital deficiency and deficits the norm in most governments, pensions, not for profit organizations, institutions and foundations today, tolerance for those hiding money from taxation is in retreat.  The fact that many of those hiding these funds have gleaned said funds from taxpayer funded subsidies, government jobs and abuse of trust, makes these maneuvers all the more brazen.  Biting the hands that feed has become an international mainstay.  Let them eat cake encore…human behavior is nothing if not repetitive.

See:  Politicians should keep their money at home for further discussion. Also:  The world’s favorite new tax haven is the United States and Big Banks top users of off-shore services.

Video link: Panama leak reports world leaders’ hidden billions

More specifics in this report. Here is a direct video link.

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