Sanders support built on broad foundation

After rejecting all super PAC support and special-interest money, Sanders focused heavily on small money donations. President Obama’s original run for the Oval Office set this trend, but Sanders recently broke fundraising records with more than 6 million individual contributions, almost tripling the record set by Obama in 2011…

In March, Sanders raised $44 million, breaking his record of $43.5 million in February and bringing the candidate’s total for the first quarter to $109 million, coming from more than 6.5 million individual contributions. See:  Bernie Sanders, business genius? Yes, actually.  Here is a direct video link.

Also watch Senator Sanders voicing opposition to the Panama–United States Trade Promotion Agreement in October 2011, on the grounds that it was designed to help wealthy Americans evade taxes. Here is a direct video link. Who would’a known?

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