Why driving a Tesla shows the future is here

Many people have missed this turn, but that’s standard procedure for humans. Few can envision the future as most are fixated on the status quo. Meanwhile across the board from Mercedes and Porsche to Gm and Honda, today’s ICE (internal combustion engine) manufacturers are painfully behind here. Their ad campaigns are embarrassingly pathetic– trying to focus on speed, handling, ‘sex appeal’, the rev of the engine, more cup holders–when they have already lost the race on every single stat and are left holding record inventories of superfluous product that they cannot sell fast enough even with ‘zero’ rates and lax lending standards. The truth is that with a century-long head start,  conventional auto manufacturers have fallen far behind and have lost the hearts and minds of thinking people everywhere. Silent, emission-free running is the new cool.

So many worthwhile observations in this clip on the future of oil and cars…

“My Electrician Drives a Porsche” Author Gianni Kovacevic discusses the price, production and storage of oil and his travels across the America in a Tesla. Here is a direct video link.

People lined up around the block overnight just to get on a waiting list for the Tesla Model 3:  “…That is a damming indictment on the corporate laziness of the incumbent auto manufacturers…they do not want to go the way of Kodak cameras and Blockbuster video.” And yet they are.  Adapt or die.

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