Green electric growing at exponential pace

400,000 x 35k is $1.4 billion in orders for the Tesla Model 3 in less than a month. Apparently people are keen on an affordable electric car…who could’a seen that one coming, eh?

Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors has received almost 400,000 orders for its latest car, the model 3 sedan, its CEO said on Thursday.

“We are now almost at 400,000 orders for the model 3,” Elon Musk told a conference held in the Norwegian capital. He added that the interest in the model had “surprised even us”.

solar_panels-e1441819142302And about that solar revolution, it’s now doubling its capacity every two years, see  Kurzweil predicts solar industry dominance in 12 years:

Ray Kurzweil is known for inventing things, wanting to live forever, The Singularity and – of relevance in this article – Exponential Growth of technology, like solar power. Recently, during a medical device presentation, Kurzweil reiterated his predictions that solar power will continue to double its global capacity every two years and six more times in the next twelve years. Some charts look suspiciously like they’re shooting upward just ahead of his predicted pace.

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