Dimon stumping against Brexit: Run U.K, run!

For those undecided or thinking it might be bad for the country if the UK votes to leave the E.U., we just heard the strongest endorsement for a yes vote yet:  JP Morgan’s commander in chief is stumping with British Finance Minister–George Osbourne like a puppet on Dimon’s lap–against Brexit.   See  JP Morgan Boss warns of Brexit job cuts if UK backs ‘terrible deal’:

“If the U.K. leaves the EU, we may have no choice but to re-organize our business model here,” Dimon said in prepared remarks provided to Bloomberg. “Brexit could mean fewer JPMorgan jobs in the U.K. and more jobs in Europe.”

A break up of the existing bank business model? That’s the most promising hope the economy has been offered to date!  The bankers have plundered the world largely unfettered the past 15 years, enabled by the politicians they have purchased.  The cartel now has the most to lose in a break up of the existing centralized, streamlined system.  Civil society and democracy have everything to gain in forcing change.

What has been great for bankers, has been devastating for the rest of us.  If the banks are against Brexit, the rest of the people have their answer:  Run away U.K., run.

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