Happy World Ocean Day

Join Jack Johnson and many others around the world who are riding the Wave For Change!

Take the #WaveforChange challenge and take action for the ocean by recording a video of yourself making a promise and doing the wave. Maybe you’ll give up using plastic straws or perhaps you’ll commit to participating in two beach cleanups a year! Sign your commitment by doing the wave and sharing it with the world.  Here is a direct video link.

We can also help protect the ocean by not devouring its creatures.  These vegan recipes recreate popular seafood recipes and are better for our health. See: Using mushrooms to recreate 15 delicious seafood recipes.

And while on this topic:  we need to stop brutalizing sea creatures and other animals to feed to our pets as well!  Our pets would be healthier vegan too.  Fawning over some creatures while torturing and murdering the rest is not only hypocritical but incredibly inefficient for our food supply and self-defeating for our environment.

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