Roger Stone on ‘Elite Deviance’

Caveat Emptor:  Stone is a self-described Libertarian now working on the Trump stump.  But his decades of personal experience in political circles, research and writing, dates long before this election, and his assertions are well documented and footnoted in his books.  Even if a portion of these stories are accurate…you can’t make this stuff up. Honestly.  Is it that no one with integrity can be elected in politics?  Where does that leave us?

Roger Stone brings us up close and personal to the levers of power. He’s been intimately involved with all the major political players for nearly half a century. He’s written four books about it. His latest two, The Clinton War on Women & Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family, detail a clear pattern of what Roger calls Elite Deviance. You know it well, the belief by the rich and powerful that the laws don’t apply to them.

Here is a direct audio link to Stone’s interview with Kerry Lutz.

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