Breaking old models needed to release stronger growth

Countries having their own free floating currencies has always been a critical part of restoring competitiveness, and re-balancing capital flows and economies in the world. But bankers and multi-national corporations that focus on incessantly increasing their scale, prefer more integration, less regulation and less geographical, cultural division. The trouble is that the ‘integration’ model has run to extremes and created a debt-laden, inefficient global mess that is holding back creative destruction, rebirth and the ebb and flow of free markets.  Will Brexit destroy England? Of course not.  Will it set off a chain reaction that may see other countries break out of the EU and common currency strangle hold on their economy? Of course.  And that would be progress at last.

Bob Janjuah, senior independent client advisor at Nomura, discusses his thoughts on investing amid geopolitical risks and volatile markets. Here is a direct video link.

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