Sri-Kumar: zero rates killing consumption in aging population

Just before introducing Sri-Kumar, host Tom Keene noted that Sri-Kumar was a favorite guest requested by viewers, and then added “because most of our viewers are less bullish than our Wall Street guests”.  Now there’s a shocker!!

“Quantitative Easing will never cause an economic recovery”. Ah…it’s great when independent analysts sneak past the bull police to speak some truth on business television. Very rare occurrence today.

Komal Sri-Kumar, president and founder of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, discusses the U.S. and global economy. Here is a direct video link.

But wait it got even more entertaining when in the second segment, they added in long-always-fund-flogger Oppenheimerfunds Investment Strategist Brian Levitt who explained that toxic investment conditions notwithstanding, “investors can’t go to cash”.  Here is a direct link to the second segment video.

The truth is that Brian and his ilk can’t have people holding cash because that suggests their clients won’t just buy always and hold always and that means investment management manglement fees will drop like a stone. Can’t have people being defensive with their life savings now.  How will the finance sector survive on lower fees! Perish the thought!!  Sri-Kumar lands a few more devastating blows of investment reality in the final minute of the discussion.  Worth watching…Good fun first thing on a Tuesday am.

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