Money laundering flows into Canadian real estate

Vancouver and Toronto have been first in line in Canada for international flows hiding from their home governments. But over-valuations, reckless leverage and financial risk have now spread well beyond these two centers, weakening Canadian households, the economy and our financial system.  As liquidity and cash flow evaporates in the many highly indebted countries that are facing falling exports worldwide, we should expect intensifying government crackdowns and capital flows to stem the flow into places like Canada.  Flows never go one way forever.  When they subside, Canadians will be left with the revelation that current realty market valuations make no sense relative to domestic incomes, and price mean reversion is necessary to restore affordability.

Christine Duhaime with Duhaime Law has made her career out of tracking money illegally entering the country, and says there’s no doubt the inflow to Canada is substantial.

She says China and its banks currently have a big problem with its citizens borrowing money, then fleeing the country and defaulting on the loans. Here is a direct audio link.

“So it’s not really just China, it’s just that the most amount of money – in terms of money moving into mansions – is from China. And then it appears to be Iran the second amount, so it’s not just one country, it’s just the largest. And I don’t think that’s racist, it’s just factual.”

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