Vidya’s Veggie Gourmet: for body and soul

World+is+your+oysterLast night we celebrated my birthday at Vidya’s Veggie Gourmet Restaurant in Thornton, north of Toronto.  It was an incredible experience.  The menu is organic, vegan, exquisite, authentic, delicious and inspiring.   Hats off to the owners, chef and staff for Herculean effort and attention to detail.  From organic wines, garden grown herbs and plants, to recycled fiber take-out containers–this dining is for body, soul and planet.  Mind-boggling taste and presentation.  Food that’s like a spa treatment, where you leave feeling healthier and enriched. ‘ Let food be thy medicine’, indeed.  The teens loved it too. Awesome experience at the site of what for decades, was the Village Inn Steak house.  Progress! We need more like this everywhere.  See their beautiful web site here.

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