Ode to early rising

Ten years ago, with then little kids and a busy day job, I wrote my first book between 3 and 6am.  I found that early uninterrupted hours were critical to developing my own thinking. While I enjoy consuming the work of others, I have always found it necessary to block off quiet time to reflect and compose my own thoughts first.  As they say in Yoga, Savasana is the hardest pose because it requires the choice and discipline to shut out other distractions and just be in our own mind.

Today my regular habit is to rise at 5am, so I can write early before letting the world in.   Exercise comes after work, then it’s dinner with the family, and bed by 9pm.  Hard on the nightlife? You could argue that.  But there is only so much wick to burn. If we want to be healthy and present for family, work and creative pursuits, something has go to give.  Apparently, lots of people feel this way.

See: Why 4am is the most productive hour.

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