Ney: climate change will continue to devalue coastal real estate

The most highly valued realty in the world is built along continental coasts, and climate change will continue to devalue and erode it;  believe it or not.

The Science Guy himself Bill Nye was brought in to CNN’s New Day this morning to examine some of the devastating effects of the flooding in Louisiana that has left over 60,000 homes badly damaged.  Here is a direct video link.

Note the last minute of Ney’s comments are the most useful in terms of initiatives available to address these issues “if we just decided to do it, right now.” He also points out: “At CNN, you have essentially a climate change denier meteorologist, and knock yourselves out, but this is a big problem and it’s not going to go away.”

The anchor offers the usual head in sand response saying “a bigger conversation for another day…”  Off to a word from the sponsors!

No surprise there, having accepted an estimated $73,294,380 in contributions from fossil fuel companies, there are 182 climate deniers in the 114th Congress in 2016–144 in the House and 38 in the Senate. According to the U.S. Census, that means 202,803,591 people are represented by a climate denier in Congress. See the details here:  Most Americans disagree with their congressional representatives on climate change.

Climate change deniers in congress

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