The Current: disruption in our modern day Renaissance

Stimulating discussion and historical context for the angst and opportunity of our time.

Chris Kutarna’s, Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of our New Renaissance, takes a look at some of the massive forces disrupting our current age, and puts these turbulent times into historical context.
Here is a direct audio link to part 1 of his interview.

Here is a direct audio link to part 2 of his interview.

This is an incredible statistic that Kutarna cites:  in 1990 about 1/2 of the adult population in the world were illiterate.  Today thanks to the internet, approximately just 1/7th are illiterate.  We now have about 3 billion more literate brains in the world than we did 26 years ago.  No small feat.  The potential for human enlightenment has never been larger.

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