Decarbonization is the next big (good) growth boom for the world

Great article from Jeffrey Sachs this week reminds us of the generational, efficient, productive, investment opportunities in things that matter, which are now unfolding all around us in the real world. Deep-decarbonization is the next great boom to spread sustainable prosperity through humanity. See Sustainable infrastructure after the Automobile Age:

The first infrastructure task, therefore, is one of imagination. What kind of cities and rural areas do we seek in the future? What kind of infrastructure should underpin that vision? And who should plan, develop, build, finance, and operate the systems? These are the real choices facing us, though they’ve hardly been considered in our political debates to date.

Fortunately the technology for this smart evolution is already here. Solutions to our challenges are everywhere today: vertical farming, sustainable power, intercontinental transmission lines that bring low cost, clean energy to population centers, smart grids, home storage, electric, autonomous vehicles. Very exciting time to be alive.

The world requires an area of farmland the size of South America to feed itself. Vertical farming could be the future of agriculture. Here is a direct video link.

At the same time, last week Elon Musk tweeted about the new integrated Powerwall 2.0 roll out that will allow individual homes to capture our own free solar energy, store it in our own on site Powerwall and electric car.  Hyper-efficient, clean, sustainable living. Yes we can.

See:  Tesla’s integration of home charging station + energy storage + solar will change everything:

All of these products and applications are individually available today or have been announced by solar or energy storage companies, but the integration of all of them into a single package, combined with seamless integration with an electric vehicle, would be a real game changer.

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