Green energy is great, but solving climate change needs smarter eating habits

All the clean energy and electric vehicles in the world will be insufficient to combat climate change so long as animal consumption keeps soaring. That’s the conclusion of leading researchers at Oxford, who found earlier this year that emissions from food production will eat up a whopping 50 percent of our carbon budget in a few decades.  Thinking people who care about human sustainability are called on to evolve to smarter eating habits.

impossible-burger-funding.0.0__1_.0.0Some are leading the charge.  Patrick Brown, who rose to prominence as a geneticist at Stanford pioneering DNA technology that transformed genetic research is now a biochemist and founder of Impossible Foods which has engineered a veggie burger that bleeds and tastes like meat.   See: Why this bloody veggie burger may be the Tesla of foods.

Also listen to this enlightening podcast discussion with Brown, here is a direct audio link.

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