GoPro: The last of the Rhinos

Humans being part of the solution is always an inspiring story. We don’t have to be the scourge of the earth.

Rhinos without Borders is a partnership between Great Plains Foundation and &Beyond. Together, they are on a mission to find the right formula of conservation, communities, and commerce that will make a lasting, sustainable difference to the world’s wildlife. Rhinos Without Borders program is relocating rhinos on a scale never before seen, moving 100 of them from the highest-density poaching areas in South Africa to the safest regions in Botswana. Three calves have already been born to the relocated rhinos. Protecting them will lead to a thriving ecosystem that affects all animals around the rhinos, right down to the lowly dung beetle. It’s a model the organization hopes to expand across Africa.

Join GoPro in supporting these organizations’ efforts to help move 100 rhinos into safety. Together, we can finish what they’ve started—and save the last of the rhinos. Here is a direct video link.

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