Toronto school gets budget boost from the sun

Lower energy costs + reduced carbon emissions = smart on every level.  Most of all, seeing smart systems in action along with adults who care enough to lead change,  gives children much needed hope for a sustainable future.

This project at Kew Beach Public School in Toronto is a is a community-owned solar rooftop array.  Solar panels mounted on the roof of the school create a 225-panel, 72 kW installation that, in combination with the school’s existing solar installation, generate and inject in the local grid the equivalent to one third of the school’s annual electricity use. The electricity is sold back to the grid with a portion of the funds being used to support green initiatives and eco-activities within the school and community.

Time for all schools and government buildings and to get with the program.  The world needs good growth and jobs that increase productivity and bring lasting benefits.  This is a no-brainer.  Here is a direct video link.

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