Why green energy wins

Rapidly falling prices for solar and wind, coupled with strong job growth in these industries, are allowing renewable power to gain a toehold even in conservative, rural America. Although the new Federal government has foolishly vowed to quash the green energy revolution, it will continue to be driven at the municipal and state level by households and businesses focused on their mutual best interests: more jobs and income,  lower expenses, self-sufficiency and better health.   See This small town shows how green energy can win in the most conservative areas:

Dixson said the town wanted to save money and achieve energy independence. Consume less. Generate your own electricity. Avoid the ups and downs in the price of fossil fuels. Thanks to their efforts, the people of Greensburg save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on energy costs, a huge sum for a town of 800…

“Our pioneering ancestors were kind of the original green people. They lived within the resources they had available out here on the plains,” said Dixson. “We were raised as kids that if you take care of the land, it will take care of you.”

Also see another success story in Burlington:  America’s first all renewable energy city.

At COP22, Anthony Hobley, CEO of the Carbon Tracker Initiative, explains that President-elect Trump is powerless to stop the global transition to renewable energy.  Here is a direct video link.

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