Trump wants to add debt in order to try and revive the coal industry?

Now that would be a bad business decision. The rest of the world already understands this.

The federal Liberal government announced it will be phasing-out coal from electrical generation by the year 2030 —making 90 per cent of Canada’s power generation “clean.”

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said the steps would reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than five megatonnes — “The equivalent of taking 1.3 million cars off the road.”

Four provinces have coal-power plants: Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.Here is a direct video link.

Climate change is not stopping because DT says it’s a hoax. No one has that kinda power. Also see US must transition to a low carbon energy:

What’s also clear is that climate change, together with mega-student debt and the loss of entry-level jobs to robots, will trigger a millennial revolt. Twenty-five-year-olds starting out in the workforce, and 35-year-olds with young children, are not going to settle for a septuagenarian president repeating climate falsehoods and squandering their future.

While the president-elect and a few self-serving coal and oil executives might still pretend that climate change is overblown, the rest of the world knows better. For 120 years, scientists have known that burning fossil fuels adds to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thereby warms the planet. Last year was the warmest year since record keeping began, in 1880, and 2016 will be warmer than 2015. Around the world, people observe and suffer the consequences.

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