Vegan foods rising

Twelve percent of millennials identify as vegetarians and meat consumption in the U.S. fell 15% in 2015. Plant-based proteins are expected to make up a third of the protein market by 2054.

In a world of 7.4 billion people with rising diet-based illness, climate pollution and increasingly scarce water, vegan foods are an obvious growth area.  See: Country’s largest meat co just started a VC fund for vegan ‘meats’:

On Monday, America’s largest meat producer announced that it had launched Tyson New Ventures LLC, a $150 million venture capital fund to focus on companies that are developing “breakthrough” technology and business models in plant-based and sustainable protein options.

“We believe we can accelerate the growth of startups through our capabilities in such areas as food and culinary research and development, sourcing, insights, customer relationships and distribution. By doing so, we hope to materially advance the state of the U.S. and global food system.”

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