New Year’s inspiration: 105 year old does 92 laps at Velodrome

As we grow older, a common refrain is that we must slow down, take it easy and not keep exerting our physical bodies. The trouble is laying back accelerates physical frailty and a self-fulfilling weakness. The reality is use it or lose it.  This story about a french cyclist (a little over twice my age) offers inspiration for continued commitment to daily physical exertion at all ages.

After completing 14 miles (92 laps) within one hour, the 5 foot tall (smaller dogs live longer than large, is it the same for humans?), 105-year-old, retired french fireman said: “I’m not a phenomenon.  I’m not looking to make progress. When you get up over 100 years, you can’t mess around…Tonight, I’ll party with all my friends.”  Words to live by.

For one hour on Wednesday afternoon, a 105-year-old Frenchman pedaled around a velodrome outside Paris. Before a small crowd and dozens of cameras, he completed 92 laps without stopping. And when his hour was up, his only complaint was that his arms hurt.

The man’s name is Robert Marchand and he holds the world record for distance covered on a bicycle in an hour by anyone at least 100 years old. He didn’t break it on Wednesday—which means the mark he set when he was 102 still stands—but he managed to stay on the bike. He considered his distance of 22.547 kilometers (14.01 miles) a victory in itself.   Here is a direct video link.

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