Renewable energy: best global growth opportunity

Over the past decade, the cost of renewable electricity has fallen some 64% for utility-scale solar power and 41% for land-based wind since 2008. At current pricing, renewables are already competitive with coal and natural gas, and getting cheaper by the day.

Naysayers fixate on the fact that just 20% of global electricity demand is currently supplied from renewable sources, and just 4% once hydroelectricity is excluded.  But this misses the point utterly.  Far from undermining the argument for renewable energy, the currently low penetration rates underline the mind-boggling scale of opportunity here for investment, jobs, self-sufficiency and lower utility costs ahead.

Canada best get on board, or our economy will be left flailing in our tailings ponds.  See:  Numbers don’t lie: we’ve reached a tipping point for renewable energy:

The rush for renewables is happening – and it will continue with or without us. In the long term, failure to embrace this transition really would be economic suicide.

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