O’Leary not admirable nor worthy of leadership

Unfortunately some people are easily impressed by TV personalities.  But those of us who have seen Kevin O’Leary up close and in action, are not.  Further to the recent detailed recount of his antics:  The real (and shocking) story of Kevin O’Leary’s business career, also Kevin O’Leary: not a billionarie and not a money manager  and Investors pull half a billion out of O’Leary funds,  I explained some of my personal experience with him here:  CBC television degrades itself.

Now O’Leary’s fellow Shark Tank cast member has written a warning to Canadians in Why I wouldn’t vote for Kevin O’Leary and neither should you.  Here is a taste:

My first objection to Kevin’s candidacy is that the man I know is relentlessly self-interested and only pursues opportunities that further his fame, power or wealth.

This concern has since been confirmed when he was asked if he would leave the American show Shark Tank if he won the leadership. He said he wouldn’t, electing to commit half his energy to an American reality show.

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