Photovoltaic glass: capturing free, solar power worldwide

While some people are stuck in the past, arguing about nonsense and why humans shouldn’t or can’t evolve, to smarter energy solutions, that will save $ trillions currently being wasted on old, inefficient and toxic technologies, others are simply seeing the incredible business opportunity here, and changing the world.   Photovoltaic glass transforms all windows, tables, floors and any other surface, into beautiful, massive, silent, solar power producers. See more at Onyx Solar here. Once one knows about this technology, everywhere we look we should see free, clean energy just waiting to be harnessed.   See this book of Onyx projects worldwide. Smart, cost-effective, efficient and stunning. The sun is the limit!

We produce transparent glass that generates clean and free electricity from the sun for customers such as: Samsung, Coca-Cola, Novartis, Foster, SOM and Vinoly. Our photovoltaic glass is the only architectural glass that pays for itself due to the energy generated and the great insulation properties.  Our photovoltaic glass is 100% customizable in size, color or shape to fit in every building.

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