No ‘ICE’ allows life-saving crumple zones

A dramatic car accident last weekend reminded of one of the most compelling selling features for electric cars:  not having ‘ICE’ (internal combustion engines) under the hood. This allows massive crumple zones to absorb impact and protect occupants. If going electric to help our health, environment and air quality isn’t enough to convince some, perhaps avoiding death and injury might be compelling?  See Tesla driver walks out unscathed after 500′ plunge over a cliff:

“…large crumple zones in Tesla’s vehicles (due to the lack of an engine) can be very useful in high-velocity impacts – sometimes even lifesaving. The driver said: “It felt rock solid to me and I feel lucky to be alive because of my Tesla.”

The roof also played a crucial role since the vehicle rolled and ended up upside down. The sunroof detached itself midway down the cliff, but it didn’t affect the strength of the Model S’ roof, which broke NHTSA’s roof-crushing test equipment when they performed their crash tests. It could register a result past 4Gs – meaning that 4 Model S’s could pile up on another without the cabin caving in.”

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