Dirty deals: how finance uses debt to drain the public purse

Worthwhile discussion on what individuals can do to help move public funding needs and financial advice away from the bankers who abuse our trust and enrich themselves at the expense of municipal, provincial and state solvency.

“Dirty Deals” is the name of a definitive report about Wall Street’s interactions and financing contracts with cities, counties and states nationwide. It’s a gloves-off look at the many ways public entities are forced to acquiesce to abusive usury in their private-bank-capital borrowing practices for public projects and how we can take effective steps to reverse them. Saqib Bhatti, co-director of Action Center on Race and the Economy (ACRE), discusses why these core financing issues are driving governments around the country to consider public banking and in-house financing mechanisms, and why some of them don’t want to.

Listen to the discussion by advancing to 15:00 on the playbar at this direct audio link.

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