Tesla Model 3 critics: “this changes everything”

In 2014 Tesla made all of its technology open source to help other car companies along in their transition to electric vehicles.  Slow on the uptake, most have finally seen the future and announced timelines for delivering their own EV lines at last.  See:  Tesla’s Model 3 has dramatically changed the car industry.  They have a lot of catching up to do.  See:  I just drove the Tesla Model 3 and it changes everything–the entire world will want this car:

“…the Model 3 is going to blow many, many minds. This is easily the most attractive entry-level luxury, all-electric car on the market.

I drove it for no time at all, but I’ve driven pretty much every other all-electric car you can buy, and I can safely say that the Model 3 has no competition.

…there isn’t anybody who’s going to sit in the driver’s seat of this car and not want it, if only briefly. The Model 3 stokes immediate desire, and the lust lingers. That truly changes everything.”

Here was the reveal Friday night.  Here is a direct video link.

Model 3 Profile Midnight Silver EMBARGOED DO NOT USE

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