EV’s win: “it’s not about environmentalism. It’s about fuel savings.”

Maven is GM’s car-sharing service and not surprisingly they are adding a growing number of Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles (EV) in response to consumer demand.  Slashing transportation costs by moving to shared EV is an obvious area to help consumers increase their disposable income for debt reduction and savings.  And the vehicles are so much more efficient for shared transport providers because EV longevity crushes ICE, logging 3 and 4 times the mileage.  See:  EV’s fuel GM’s car-share vision:

The Bolt costs a customer $229 a week, including insurance, maintenance and charging. That’s about $40 more than other vehicles, but customers end up saving about $70 a week on fuel costs.

Bhattacharya said drivers have, on average, put 30 percent more miles on the Bolts than cars with internal combustion engines. Since the Bolts began being offered in May, drivers have logged more than 1 million electric miles.

“Early interest has been phenomenal,” Bhattacharya said of consumers. “For most of them, it’s not about environmentalism. It’s about fuel savings.”

Now about all those acres and acres of antiquated ‘ICE’ inventories sitting bumper to bumper in storage all over the planet…

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