The Economist: The death of the ‘ICE’

Whether it’s gear heads in awe of the speed and power, number crunchers tallying the economy-charging cost savings and efficiency leaps or health experts understanding the compound gifts of better air quality, electric transportation is winning the minds and hearts of thinking people everywhere.  As the kids say:  “This is a thing.”  Read:  The death of the Internal Combustion Engine:

“Charging car batteries from central power stations is more efficient than burning fuel in separate engines. Existing electric cars reduce carbon emissions by 54% compared with petrol-powered ones, according to America’s National Resources Defence Council. That figure will rise as electric cars become more efficient and grid-generation becomes greener. Local air pollution will fall, too. The World Health Organisation says that it is the single largest environmental health risk, with outdoor air pollution contributing to 3.7m deaths a year. One study found that car emissions kill 53,000 Americans each year, against 34,000 who die in traffic accidents.”

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