Danielle on The Financial Survival Network

Danielle was a guest with Kerry Lutz on The Financial Survival Network talking about recent developments in the world economy and markets.  You can listen to an audio clip of the segment here.

The sharing economy has not been born solely out of efficiency, it’s also largely a matter of necessity. Declining incomes and profits make it a major money saver for the shrinking middle class. Whether it’s AirBNB for travel, Uber to get where you’re going or Citibikes to use a bicycle in the City, it just makes so much sense. And we haven’t seen anything yet. It’s going to really take off soon once self-driving cars really hit the market.

Here is the Global Dow 150 Index chart that I reference in this discussion as having just retouched its 2007 peak.

Here is earnings per share (in black) showing flat since 2014 ,while the S&P (blue) has increased.

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