Bubble 3.0: the Fed’s done it again

Worthwhile article and big picture charts on our Fed-elongated, late-stage credit cycle from independent bank analyst Chris Whalen.  Read:  The Fed Fueled Bubble in Residential Real Estate:

Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s defense of the benefits of regulation last week in Jackson Hole probably killed her chances for reappointment, but the more pressing reason to see Yellen return to the private sector is visible in the US real estate market.  Chair Yellen and her colleagues have created large bubbles in many assets classes from residential homes to commercial real estate to construction lending.  As in the 2000s, this latest bout of asset price inflation will not end well for banks or investors.

…the biggest challenge facing Yellen’s successor as Fed Chair is having the courage to admit that inflating asset bubbles does not create jobs or prosperity, just future financial crises.

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