The lure of ‘winning’ makes savers easy prey

Funneling our savings into lottery tickets and Ponzi-like financial markets doesn’t make us investors, it makes us the dumb-money cash flow for a few controlling operators and skimmers.

Those with savings to lose must understand the dishonest, unethical games being played all around us today, and not allow ourselves to be lulled into harm’s way under the guise of ‘investing’.  Financial bubbles, like the present one, do lasting harm when savers mistakenly follow the lead of a price-indiscriminate sales force into rigged gambling operations.

A year after becoming a full-fledged exchange platform, IEX Group Inc., CEO Brad Katsuyama, explains a market environment fraught with conflicts of interest and high-frequency traders, equipped with lightning-fast computers, seeking to ring up profits at the expense of average investors.  Here is a direct video link.


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