More than prayers needed to redress climate harm

We have friends and family that have been suffering through the hurricane impacts in the Caribbean, Mexico and southern US of late.  We have great sympathy and concern for everyone involved and, of course, send well wishes and best hopes to all.

Most of all though, my hope is that we all are inspired to do much more than just pray for damage minimization.  We must find the strength and conviction to change our habits and choices to earth friendly products and procedures to reduce human inflicted harm on the natural world.

This means eating mostly plant based food, walking, biking, taking public transit and electric vehicles as well as lowering energy use and waste and supporting the shift to renewable energy, new technology and net zero buildings. We need to do it all.

On Friday, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, declared that it was not appropriate to discuss the issue of climate change in the midst of a major set of hurricanes hitting the United States.  Others rightly point out that this akin to government officials declaring the discussion of counter-terrorism strategy, taboo in the aftermath of a terrorism attack.  See:  Donald Trump hasn’t faced a single climate change question since the hurricanes hit.

Praying is fine, but it’s far from sufficient here.  If we are to redress the grave harm we are inflicting on our world today, if we truly give a damn about the suffering, we individuals each need to take ownership and active steps to change.

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