Why do so many smart people not see incoming ‘disruption’ and change?

Joseph Schumpeter popularized the economic concept of ‘creative destruction’ in the 1950’s and spoke of the vigorous push back from threatened incumbents:

“To undertake such new things is difficult and constitutes a distinct economic function, first because they lie outside the routine tasks which everyone understands and, secondly, because the environment resists in many ways that will vary, according to social conditions, from simple refusal either to finance or buy a new thing, to physical attack on the man who tries to produce it.”

Tony Seba triggers lots of angry responses and hate mail for his work. (So do I when I write about his work and other earth-friendly, efficient innovations🙃).  This only confirms that true creative disruption and innovation is underway here.  See HBR:  If you’re not pissing someone off, you’re probably not innovating.

Stanford University futurist Tony Seba spent the last decades studying technological disruptions. He argues that the Electric Vehicle, battery storage, and solar power, along with autonomous vehicles, are a perfect example of a 10x exponential process which will wipe fossil fuels off the market in about a decade. TonySeba.com – RethinkX.com .  Here is a direct video link.

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