Everything you need to know about going solar

Adding a Tesla Powerwall or other battery storage increases self-sufficiency, but one doesn’t have to have on site storage.

Producing your own solar electricity, it’s a cool idea right? But when is the right time to go solar? In part III of our Smart Home Series, we talk to Ron Kube, who installed solar on his home and Clifton Lofthaug of Great Canadian Solar about everything you need to know before going solar.  Here is a direct video link.

Also see Tesla is shipping hundreds of Powerwall batteries to Puerto Rico:

In a continued streak of goodwill during this year’s devastating hurricane season, Tesla has been shipping hundreds of its Powerwall batteries to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Since the hurricane hit on 20 September, much of the U.S. territory has been left without power — about 97 percent, as of 27 September — hampering residents’ access to drinkable water, perishable food, and air conditioning. The island’s hospitals are struggling to keep generators running as diesel fuel dwindles.

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