Meaningful stimulus: shrinking electric and transport costs near zero

With policy interest rates already near zero in much of the developed world, and heavily indebted households and businesses (that drive world demand), struggling with flat and shrinking incomes, monetary ‘stimulus’ is not what it used to be.  Fresh thinking is needed, and luckily technological progress has arrived just in time.

Shrinking electric and transport costs toward zero is the next big economic stimulus, and it’s not environmental and health concerns that are driving the evolution, it’s the math.  Finally those who are good with numbers are looking past the status quo and political dogma to recognize this obvious path forward.

Staunch Republican, certified public accountant and Georgetown, Texas Mayor, Dale Ross is the new face of the energy revolution, because he understands the numbers. He explains that the decision to source all the town’s energy from renewable resources was based in cold-eyed pragmatism.  See:  This is what America’s eco city of the future looks like:

“The revolution is here,” he said. “And I’m a good little Republican, a rightwing fiscal conservative, but when it comes to making decisions based on facts, that’s what we do.

…“How is anybody going to compete with wind and solar?” said Ross, who has ordered an electric-powered BMW scooter from California and plans to fit solar panels at his home and office….

When Trump was campaigning he was talking about clean coal and we’re going to bring coal jobs back? That is a mirage, that is not going to happen,” he said. “Coal is one of the most expensive forms of fossil fuels to produce. And those jobs are never going to come back, ever. They’re done.”

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