Fraud alert: CRA arrears scam

Last year we had people leaving threatening messages on our home phone saying they were from Canada Revenue Agency and that if we didn’t pay up they would send the police to arrest us. I was amazed at the brazen aggression of their fraudulent efforts. We reported the calls to the police and CRA. Both were well aware of the ongoing scam and trying to trace the instigators. Unfortunately, the scam remains active and now they are using the so-called virtual ‘currency’ Bitcoin to cover their tracks.  Here is a direct video link.

Police say more than 40 York Region residents have fallen victim to a Bitcoin tax scam, sending over $300,000 to fraudsters since August.

Police say they have seen a significant increase in reports of scammers identifying themselves as employees of the Canada Revenue Agency.

The suspects tell victims they have overdue taxes to pay, and threaten them with arrest if they don’t settle up.

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