Worthwhile read: Headwinds of Opportunity

Thanks to author Tim Lindsey for sending me a copy of his new book Headwinds of Opportunity.  A Compass for Sustainable Innovation.

Not only is the book full of valuable stats and up to date information on resource utilization, waste, efficiency, new tech, smart systems and real life case studies, but it’s highly readable and engaging. Also see Dr. Lindsey’s article:  The Business Drivers for Improving Sustainability for more insight.

With 7.6 billion humans on earth and growing, the necessity for sustainable systems and practices is driving innovation at an exponential rate.  Our potential for solutions or self-destruction, has never been greater.  The business and life quality case for smarter practices is overwhelming.  Each of us individually chooses to either embrace and help lead the change, or compound the problems.  It’s all on us, either way.

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