Bostonian of the Year: Elizabeth Warren

“The thing about the Masters of the Universe syndrome is that it plays on ‘What I’m doing is so obscure that you’ll never get it. You’re too dumb.’ This really became relevant when we hit the financial crisis a year ago.”–Elizabeth Warren
Warren (60) is Chairwoman of the Congressional Oversight Panel monitoring the Troubled Assets Relief Program, a preeminent bankruptcy scholar, author and tenured professor of law at Harvard University. As Chairwoman overseeing TARP, she keeps an eye on how the nation’s banks have spent the taxpayer money shovelled into them in the fall of 2008, as well as the destination of the rest of the $700 billion allocated by the government. For all this and more, Warren has now earned the title Bostonian of the Year. Read more on her interesting background and history in this story.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To me Ms. Warren embodies the word “citizen”; an unpretentious disrespect for authority and privilege. It's lovely the way she just won't “shut up” and shift her opinion to suit the prevailing power brokers.

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