CNBC's Larry Kudlow to run for Senate?

Apparently there is a move afoot to get CNBC host Larry Kudlow to run against Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) in the upcoming election. The scarier thought is that he might win. In my opinion, there is hardly a soul alive who represents reckless financial commentators better than Larry Kudlow; and that is saying something because the reckless-commentator-pack in financial media is broad and deep.
I have cringed at Kudlow's perpetually-bullish, far right rants since he first began on CNBC's “Kudlow and Cramer” in the late '90's. Back then Kudlow played straight man to Jim Cramer's madman skits. After that deadly duo broke up, Kudlow went on to direct his own panels of nightly nonsense.
This article from Andrew Leonard examining Kudlow’s market-call record is cathartic:

“It's not just that the prospect of an inveterate anti-tax, pro-supply-side ideologue with high name recognition running for the Senate in the media capital of the world would be the equivalent of a massive jobs stimulus plan targeted directly at the beleaguered news business. There's also the fun to be had detailing how one man could so consistently be so wrong when discussing his supposed specialty: the economy” ….

Read the whole article here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Danielle, I agree 100%.
    Isn’t it funny when you walk into an investment company and see all the financial advisers watching CNBC? It gives me the same feeling of confidence I would have if I walked into the Mayo Clinic and all the medical doctors were watching General Hospital.
    ~ Anonymous

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