Why aren’t bank bonuses down 99%?

Speaking of parasites…Wall Street bank bonuses will reportedly be down 20 to 30 percent this year.  CNBC’s Gary Kaminsky argues they should be down even more given the poor performance of the stocks. Here is the direct link.

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  1. doug robertson says:

    Not too impressed with bank stocks ‘at all’ since they haven’t been acting right ‘all year’, but here are some that did ‘act well’.

    ROST-Ross Stores: Steady Eddie
    MCD-McDonalds: Steady Eddie
    CMG-Chipotle Mex. Grille: Baby MCD
    ULTA-Ulta Salon: Baby Home Depot
    DLTR-Dollar Tree: Steady Eddie

    Get the picture here? Bank stocks didn’t do well, hence why any bonuses. The bonus packages should go to the companies listed above that delivered strong, steady earnings based on ‘real stuff’, not paper.


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