Another way to understand debt limits

A good clip to lend further perspective on the debt limit issues facing America and much of the world.  (thanks William).  The way back to health is very simple: cut spending, raise revenue, pay down debt, stop raising debt ceilings, stop stealing funding and growth from the future to squander in the present.  All the stubborn positions from the left on spending that cannot be cut and the from the right on taxes that cannot be increased, are all childish nonsense. The math speaks for itself. Here is the direct link.

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3 Responses to Another way to understand debt limits

  1. peter says:

    Okay! It is a bit bias*, but not bad … !

    Of course, the man represents the US government, but shouldn’t the guy be G. W. Bush (AND his corporate “friends” AND the shareholders) talking to the banker (Federal Reserve)? And, shouldn’t a Wall-street banker (or two) be there as well? I know 300 million** is peanuts, but … $300 might be actually pretty close to what is needed!

    * A MAN with kids to feed who is not that WEALTHY has to cut back! OKAY! The extra loan is a bit over the top. (Again, he is representing government, I know!) I think though that not just governments, but corporations (and their shareholders) should take a hit too! (Will the retiree with loads of money sitting in a bank agree to that?)

    ** Some executives and CEOs get that: to listen to his/her other executives and take the right decision. (And, if he doesn’t, he or she gets a severance package! PLEASE! For the love of DOG! We are not that stupid! When I screw up, I don’t get a nice fat check! I get directions to the EI booth ! (

  2. Robert says:

    Forget about the past and people you hate. Rich people do not have enough money to pay everybody’s bills. Math is not an extreme right-wing concept.

  3. doug robertson says:

    Actually, the guy isn’t so bad. Why in fact, I saw quite a few like him in the mid 2000’s solving their problems by yanking money out of the ever-rising home prices. Remember?

    The kid won’t suffer one iota. She will enjoy the trip to Australia, the 60-inch Disney player and a ton of other goodies, then just flip the load on her kid. This is America, right?

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