The wealth gap: the view from London

As the wealth gap widens, more consumers fall out of the consumption cycle, leaving the economy and housing markets increasingly fragile.  The BBC’s Michael Robinson investigates.  Listen to the radio clip here.

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  1. michael says:

    Seems the highest paid in Canada have them beat at 189 times average earnings….how about for every dollar an MP puts toward her pension we chip in five dollars and also guarantee the return no matter what happens with the capital the plan invests…..and she only has to be in office for 6 years….average Canadian has no pension beyond CPP and OAS.
    The credit and productivity fueled boom that began in 82 has made most complacent. Money printing by central governments has ensured complacency will continue. That complacency most certainly will end but not just yet. Joe Sixpack is not yet poor enough…has not yet felt the the sting that will come with tax increases and slashing of goverment services while wages and benefits stagnate.
    Sudden market selloffs will be met with more stimulus ….more inflation …… and greater pain in ultimate collapse….
    Elected “leaders” (puppets) controlled by mega money steering the bus ever close to the precipice……we wait patiently.

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