Winter is a recurring phase of financial history

The Financial Survival Network radio interview from last week is now available on youtube here.

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2 Responses to Winter is a recurring phase of financial history

  1. Michelle says:

    Excellent interview Danielle! Fascinating look at generational dynamics and mass psychology. History (because of human nature) does seem to repeat itself, and being able to plan for inevitable trends in politics and the markets is essential for us, even as individuals. I’m no longer stuffing money in my RRSP with a decade or so to retire and instead am investing my money in my TFSA and non-registered accounts, to avoid a tax bomb down the road.
    Appreciate your honesty and frankness on this blog!

  2. Robert C says:

    Very informative and so true. Take time to learn from history. Even the markets if one researches can see patterns and cycles emerge (short and long term). The key as you say preserve capital, be patient and wait for the right opportunities, history shows they will come around again. There are a few stocks I would like to own the first thing I do is look at the charts short, medium and long term look for any cyclical patterns. Once I see a pattern I know a possible right time to buy, but I have also learned the hard way that I must also look beyond the charts as sometimes a pattern shows it is time to buy but events throughout the world indicate differently.

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