The corrupting curse of cheap credit

Here is the direct link to this MSNBC clip with David Stockman.

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2 Responses to The corrupting curse of cheap credit

  1. JW says:

    An excellent clip. Thank you very much. JW, Vancouver

    For fellow Canadians, here is a small dose of reality.

  2. William says:

    One supposes that “”cheap credit”” is choice made by e.g. BoC or FED. But it’s Mr. Market that determines interest rates. Hugh Hendry (currently an deflationista) has said something very interesting:

    “”The bull market in government bonds has been epic and epic markets don’t end with a whimper, they end with a big bang when everyone is suckered into it. And rates will reach outrageously low levels””.

    The yield for the TNX or TYX could perhaps spike down to 0.5% (or even lower) at the end of this bull market.

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