Tips to successful trading

Danielle was interviewed by Trader’s Lens this week on Tips to successful trading. You can watch the video clip here.

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  1. doug robertson says:

    Right again Danielle. Its easier to get the money thru your work than it is to keep and grow your money. I know this firsthand!

    Now that we are stuck with Helicopter Ben and ZIRP, what will become of those who aren’t so adept at keeping/growing their money ie the Lazy People? Excess funds need to be protected first, then if possible grown. But it seems more like logging than dairy cows. Seems easier to milk the cows than the slaughter a steer or fell a tree. Then you need to go get another steer or grow another tree, or SOMEONE ELSES STEER OR TREE (haha for all you brokers out there)

    Love the quote on ‘experience and money’. How true!

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