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Danielle’s weekly market update with Talk Digital Network

Danielle was a guest today with Phil Mackesy on Talk Digital Network discussing recent developments in world markets and the economy. You can listen to an audio clip here.

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The Fed’s Janet Yellen in her own words

The US Fed has aided and abetted today’s ongoing financial crisis through years of relentless intervention under Greenspan and then Bernanke to continually stimulate excessive consumer credit, support asset bubbles and reward reckless bankers with still more cheap credit. Worse, … Continue reading

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WSJ: “Buy low, sell high? Not in this market”

Good article in the Wall Street Journal on the reasons why today’s insane markets have lost the confidence of rational investors: “During the last decade the march to democratize the markets has charged forward, with each new innovation or revamp … Continue reading

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Update on banking regulation

On this week’s Moyers & Company, Bill talks with the namesake of the Volcker Rule — Paul Volcker, who served two terms as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System from 1979-1987, and formerly headed President … Continue reading

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More on downside risks, China and materials

“The Dow is looking pretty bearish,” says Abigail Doolittle, of Peak Theories Research, adding that FCX recently made a bearish “death cross.” Here is a direct link.

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“Impulsive declines” in equity markets

My partner Cory handed me some chart updates this morning, showing the technical damage caused by the sell off in stocks the past couple of weeks. While we are rallying so far today (and interim green days are to be … Continue reading

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