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Trillion student debt: systemic drag on spending

The past several years, as western jobs have migrated overseas and vanished due to technological advancements, more people have continued in school– some for further training and some for lack of direction or ideas about what else to do with … Continue reading

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More lies revealed: Canadian banks needed big taxpayer bailouts in 2008

“Canada’s banking system is often lauded for being one of the world’s safest. But an analysis by CCPA senior economist David Macdonald found that Canada’s major lenders were in a far worse position during the downturn than has ever been … Continue reading

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Global housing markets paint ominous portrait for Canada

Robert Shiller, Yale University professor of economics and co-founder of the Case-Shiller index, told CNBC, “Home prices are very different from stock prices, they show a lot of momentum and once things start down they can go down for five … Continue reading

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INET: Financial Instability mini-documentary

Good summary of recent trends (thanks Thomas). Here is the direct link.

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